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'This sh*t is funny': UFC boss Dana White tweets out hilarious 'Conor McGregor raging bull' video

'This sh*t is funny': UFC boss Dana White tweets out hilarious 'Conor McGregor raging bull' video
Dana White was clearly tickled by a viral video featuring UFC megastar Conor McGregor as a 'rampaging bull', sharing the comedic clip with his millions of followers with the message: “IDK who made this but this sh*t is funny!”

President of the UFC he may be, but White isn’t averse to being the butt of a joke now and then.

He proved that on Saturday when he tweeted a hilarious video at ‘The Notorious’ McGregor, which featured the fiery Dubliner initially as a crocodile menacing the waters before he emerges as a bull raging through the streets, running after spectators and tossing them over walls with big punches - before finally landing a huge right-hook on 50-year-old Dana himself.

The video, which has actually been doing the rounds online for some time, is backed by some riotous UFC commentary of some of McGregor’s most famous and controversial moments.

It also features a slightly tubby schoolkid sobbing in terror as the Notorious pops up at his car window and screams at him with his famous pre-fight war cry.

All told, it’s been an interesting weekend so far for McGregor, who earlier in the day tweeted out his rankings for the greatest MMA fighter of all time - but didn’t put himself as number one - well, not yet anyway.

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McGregor is no doubt in Dana White’s good books after he took to social media earlier this week to tell his millions of fans how impressed he was by the UFC rallying to put on three shows in a week in Jacksonville this month despite the global lockdown due to coronavirus.