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Wipeout! Cameraman sent flying in Universiade 2019 bandy semi-final in Russia (VIDEO)

Wipeout! Cameraman sent flying in Universiade 2019 bandy semi-final in Russia (VIDEO)
Cameramen normally only film sporting action, rather than be part of it, but that wasn’t the case when one had his legs swept from under him during the men’s bandy playoff semi-finals at the Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk 2019.

During a Scandinavian derby between Sweden and Norway in the bandy semi-final on Saturday at Yenisei Ice Stadium in Russia's Siberian city, Sweden's Niclas Rönnqvist and Norway's Lasse Torkildsen collided and slid at high speed along the ice and towards the sidelines. 

The pair couldn't slow down before crashing into and sweeping the legs from underneath an unsuspecting cameraman, who was sent tumbling to the ice. Luckily he was not seriously hurt despite not wearing any protective gear, unlike the players.

Rönnqvist was later seen going over to apologize to the technician, who seemed in good spirits despite the fall. 

Sweden eventually won the match 8-3 and progressed to the bandy gold medal match, held on Sunday March 10 against hosts Russia at the same location. That match will follow the bronze medal game between Norway and Finland.

The Winter Universiade 2019 began in Krasnoyarsk on March 2 and will conclude on March 12.

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