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9 Jan, 2019 11:50

'I want to take accountability': US college football coach turns down $100,000 pay rise

'I want to take accountability': US college football coach turns down $100,000 pay rise

Head coach of Colorado State's American football program Mike Bobo refused his contracted pay rise of $100,000 because he felt his team's results didn't warrant the increased salary.

Bobo's Rams team finished with a record of three wins, nine losses in 2018. It was the worst return of his four-year tenure in charge at the school, and came at the end of a tumultuous year for the coach.

Bobo was hospitalized with nerve condition peripheral neuropathy in August and finished the year with the team's worst win-loss record since 2011.

As a result, Bobo refused to accept the $100,000 increase in salary for 2019 as stipulated in his contract.

"I'm the head football coach, and I believe accountability is a two-way street," Bobo told the school's YouTube channel.

"A lot of times you want to point fingers at why you weren't successful.

"I'm the head coach. For it to be a two-way street and be effective with our players I want to take accountability.

"It was just something that was on my heart and being the head coach I wanted to take personal accountability for the 2018 season."

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The coach's contract stipulates that his salary increase by $100,000 with each passing year in charge at Colorado State.

But Bobo said he felt the need to show accountability for his team's poor season in 2018, and opted to turn down the increased salary for 2019. 

Bobo's decision means he will remain on the same $1.8 million salary he earned in 2018, though it is reported that his contract will still increase to $2 million in 2020.

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The move earned praise from his boss, Colorado State athletics director Joe Parker, who hailed his head coach for making a "significant" statement of accountability after a poor season last year.

"I thought that was a pretty telling step," he said, before saying the coach's decision "...really speaks to the character of Mike Bobo and really how he feels about his leadership of the program and where he thinks we need to be as opposed to where we were this year."

"It's not something you see often," he admitted.

"I think he felt an obligation that was unfulfilled by a three-win season and wanted to make a statement that was significant, and I think that is one."