One night in Moscow

Moscow is the largest city in Europe, and its night life is pumping. About four million people stay up past 1am on weekends! There no shortage of places to go. This episode gives you an entertaining glimpse of Moscow night life. The first event on the list is night-time street-racing in an industrial district of the capital, dangerous and exciting. Then we take you on a walking tour of Moscow’s embankments, past the famous House on the Embankment near the Kremlin, built for top Soviet bureaucrats; then comes the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, blown up in 1930 and rebuilt in the 1990s. After that you pass face control at several night clubs and casinos, where you’ll taste the atmosphere feel the excitement. By 5 o’clock in the morning you’ll be ready for a pick-me-up, so this weekend adventure finishes in an American-style diner. Moscow really is a 24-hour city!