The 4th anniversary of Trayvon Martin & Thomas Drake unveils the Deep State (E190)

On this episode of “Watching the Hawks,” Tyrel Ventura & Tabetha Wallace air our first Friday episode of Watching the Hawks. Crystal Wright and Chris Chambers join us for a spirited debate on the 4th anniversary of the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. Ashlee Banks also provides insight into the Trayvon Martin anniversary. Tabetha Wallace gives us a 1-minute election rundown of the latest spat between Trump and Rubio. John F. O’Donnell of Redacted Tonight joins us in the Hawk’s Nest to tease the brand new Redacted Tonight episode airing this evening. Thomas Drake provides insight into the Deep State and its links to the NSA, CIA, and other governmental agencies. Tyrel and Tabetha bring us home with responses to viewer comments and questions.

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