The GOP Presidential Debates 3.0 and Big Brother’s voice recognition (E122)

In this episode of  Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace are joined by Redacted Tonight’s John F. O’Donnell live from Boulder, CO, covering the third GOP Presidential Debate. This is followed by RT’s Egor Piskunov talks with Jesse Ventura about the 2nd Edition of his bestselling book “American Conspiracies”. Next RT’s Paula Slier takes us inside a culture changing restaurant in Israel that offers discounts for Israeli and Palestinians who dine together and RT Correspondent Lizzie Phelan takes us to the front lines in Syria. Tyrel and Tabetha breakdown the latest in voice recognition technologies and how the government, banks, and SIRI are using the cutting edge technology. Tabetha Wallace brings us the story of Dr. Robert Weiss who after 25 years of practicing medicine changed from prescribing pharmaceutical drugs to recommending fruit, vegetables, and plant based whole foods.

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