Black lung truth & death penalty lies w/ Alex Simpson (E108)

In this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace, & Sean Stone look at the cancellation of Johns Hopkins’ Black Lung Unit, which previously examined coal miners, and colluded with coal mining companies to deny miners’ medical benefits. The team goes to Bianca Facchinei in Parkersburg W. Virginia who covers the story of Dupont Chemical polluting surrounding areas with Teflon runoff. Tyrel gives us the lowdown on a new app coming out called Peeple, which allows users to rate friends, family, and anyone under the sun. It’s Yelp for people! Alexander Simpson of the California Innocence Project joins Tyrel and Tabetha to talk about the case of death row inmate Richard Glossip in Oklahoma. Tyrel wraps with details on the new HBO show WestWorld, where extras have been asked to perform all sorts of almost pornographic acts!

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