The market falls, Twitter bans, and fashion pollutes (E086)

In this episode of “Watching the Hawks,” Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace go to Erin Aide in New York to discuss the details around the recent plummet in the stock market and China’s economic woes. Tyrel and Tabetha discuss Twitter’s removal of accounts belonging to the website “Politwoops” for posting the deleted tweets of politicians. Tyrel and Tabetha sit down with David Dietz, founder of Modavanti, to discuss pollution in the fashion industry and steps we can take to reduce the environmental impact of our clothing. Tabetha breaks down recent false stories concerning a John Oliver story about Televangelists. Tabetha Wallace combines some of her favorite topics – Japan, whisky, and outer space – in a recent story about the delivery of Japanese whisky to the International Space Station.

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