​Flag distracts from burning churches, Puerto Rico’s second class status & ball pits for adults (E062)

In this episode of Watching the Hawks, Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace speak with investigative journalist, Gareth Porter, and are joined by Sean Stone to discuss the lack of progress made on the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. Tyrel, Tabetha and Sean talk about the rash of black churches being burned while the media only focuses on the Confederate flag controversy in South Carolina. Boom Bust producer, Ed Harrison goes on to give an update on the Greek debt crisis. Tyrel and Tabetha are then joined by former deputy secretary of state for Puerto Rico, Vanessa Viera, to discuss their debt crisis. Tyrel and Tabetha also discuss a charity scandal involving former President George W. Bush. WTH wraps up the show with a look at a new exhibit at the National Building Museum.

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