​Red Crossed Millions, Reconstructing Elections, Public Shaming and Mind in the Clouds (E042)

On this episode of Watching the Hawks, Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace and Sean Stone discuss the Pro Publica and NPR report about the millions of dollars squandered at one of the most trusted disaster aid non-profits in the country: the Red Cross.

Then they take a look at the overwhelming bipartisan support for a complete overhaul of the election campaigning rules to focus more on the taxpayer than the highest bidder.

Next Tabetha analyzes the Duggar report and how media and the family are handling the public revelation of a teen pedophile. Finally, Redacted Tonight’s Abbey Feldman marvels at the idea of human brains linking to cloud storage by 2030, in the light of comments by Google’s Ray Kurzweil at the Exponential Finance conference in New York City.

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