​Baltimore’s history of injustice, we the people amendment, pepealing the Patriot Act & an out of control spacecraft (E023)

In Watching the Hawks, Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace discuss the history of injustice in Baltimore that has led to the current protests in the streets. Tabetha and Tyrel talk to Erin Ade, Host of Boom Bust, about the economic situation in Baltimore that has badly affected the working class. Tyrel and Tabetha also talk to David Cobb, spokesperson for Move to Amend, about the introduction of a potential constitutional amendment in Congress that would declare corporations are not people. The WTH chew over another Congressional bill that would repeal the Patriot Act, known as the Surveillance State Repeal Act. Tabetha wraps up the show by taking a look at an out-of-control Russian spacecraft that is set to hurtle back towards earth.

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