​Castro & Obama make history, Black in America: Part I & Cenk Uygur on dinosaur media (E013)

In this episode of Watching the Hawks, Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace discuss the historic meeting between US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro at the Summit of the Americas in Panama over the weekend and what this meeting could mean for future relations between the two countries. Tyrel and Tabetha then talk to RT Correspondent, Alexey Yaroshevsky, about the first part of his new series, ‘Black in America’, which focuses on police brutality. Tyrel and Tabetha are also in conversation with Cenk Uygur, co-founder and host of The Young Turks, about the challenges facing alternative media and why so many people are abandoning traditional media outlets. WTH wraps up the show with a look at a local news crew in Buffalo, New York. They were doing an interview about an electrical fire, when the manhole they were standing on exploded.

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