​Radioactive Fracking, Arms Sales Bonanza & Origins of the Moon (E012)

On this episode of Watching the Hawks, Tyrel Ventura, Sean Stone and Tabetha Wallace discuss a new report from the Center for International Policy, showing that the Obama administration has sold more arms overseas than any administration since WWII. Tyrel, Sean and Tabetha then discuss a study from Johns Hopkins University, finding a link between the oil and gas extraction process known as fracking and increased levels of radon in people’s homes in Pennsylvania. RT correspondent Manuel Rapalo then gives an update from North Charleston, South Carolina on the police shooting of African American man Walter Scott. Tabetha and Tyrel then discuss the use of amphetamines in vitamins and supplements and the lack of oversight by the FDA over this industry. Tabetha and Tyrel then speak with Redacted Tonight correspondent Abby Feldman, about the White House’s new call to ban gay conversion therapy. WTH wraps up the show by talking about new scientific findings about the origin of the moon.

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