​Walter Scott Police Murder, Military Suicide Shame & Brian Williams’ ‘Brain Tumor’ (E011)

On this episode of Watching the Hawks, Tyrel Ventura, Sean Stone and Tabetha Wallace discuss the release of a video documenting the fatal shooting of South Carolina African-American man Walter Scott by police officer Michael Slager, and how this might change the conversation when it comes to police brutality. Tyrel, Sean and Tabetha then discuss a new survey just released by the RAND Corporation, which shows the reluctance of military chaplains to act when soldiers express suicidal thoughts to them. The WTH crew then interviews former CIA analyst Ray McGovern about a series of stories from achieving peace between the US and Russia to a pre-9/11 surveillance program just released by USA Today. Tyrel and Tabetha then talk about revelations that disgraced NBC news anchor Brian Williams blamed a possible brain tumor on the reason he falsely recalled a story while he was embedded with troops in Iraq. Tabetha wraps up the show by discussing NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan’s remarks that the organization will find evidence of alien life in the universe within the next 10 to 20 years.

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