​Truancy tyranny, miscarriage infanticide & bribery politics (E008)

Tyrel Ventura, Sean Stone and Tabetha Wallace discuss the federal corruption charges that were just brought against New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez and how this plays into the current pay-for-play political system. A Department of Justice Investigation into a Dallas County Truancy Court that is disproportionately levying huge fines and imprisoning students who miss class without providing access to a lawyer. Chitra Panjabi of the National Organization for Women talks about Indiana woman Purvi Patel, who was just sentenced to over 20 years in prison on infanticide charges for a controversial miscarriage. Marianne Williamson, a former independent California congressional candidate, discusses the state of third parties in the US. Finally, a stunning video of a flock of starlings flying in highly unusual patterns.

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