Libyan energy turmoil, twitter storm and the cost of beauty (E15)

This week another round of protests in Libya threaten gas exports to Italy - with winter on the way - it's Italians that could be left in the cold. Katie Pilbeam asks industry expert - Stuart Eliott from Platts for his analysis on the escalating tensions in the lawless country. Twitter took the New York Stock Exchange by storm with its much anticipated IPO but with the NSA spying scandal shedding light on social network intrusion - we ask Mike Ingram from BGC Partners when the millions of users will have had enough and switch off. Plus - Moscow played host to the Miss Universe beauty pageant for the very first time, Katie caught up with some of the beauty contestants to ask for their financial advice. And our very own beauty and in house investor Sean Thomas talks to us about his latest trades - which aren't so pretty!