Davos 2014 - crisis over? (E25)

This week, Venture Capital takes on Davos. The Swiss Alps is once again playing host to an eclectic mix of the richest, most influential people on the planet, with British Prime Minister David Cameron, JP Morgan's Jamie Dimo, and Tinseltown favorite Goldie Hawn all gracing the mountains in their private helicopters. Show host Katie Pilbeam asks the OECD’s Angel Gurria why the financial recovery is not a top topic at the World Economic Forum, speaks about the dangers of income inequality with Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Shiller, discusses the Russian banking cull with VTB’s Andrey Kostin, and talks MINT economies with Nigeria’s finance minister. Plus – while in one of the world’s hottest ski spots and with the Winter Olympics just days away – Katie asks the biggest Sochi investor, Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg, why he splashed out!