October Tech breakthroughs (E46)

­The Rusnanotech Forum comes to Moscow. Plastic Logic and Rusnano debut a new electronic textbook that they hope will replace traditional school books. Scientists in Italy announced that tiny subatomic particles – neutrinos – appear to have traveled faster than the speed of light. Russian physicists in Dubna are part of the Opera Collaboration responsible for the finding. If true, the discovery could turn more than 100 years of Einsteinian physics on its head. Russian environmentalists hit Gorky Park to rid the space of harmful pesticides, with the help of a new biotech product, Phenox. The soil-cleansing bacteria can remove up to 98 per cent of the remnants of pesticide-related pollution. The Bolshoi Theater raises its curtain for the first time in six years. Combining traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, Russia's iconic theater is now bigger and better than ever.

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