Episode 021

For a decade, Prime Minister Erdogan bestrode Turkey like a colossus, moving the country forward after years of stagnation. Recently, however, his rule appears to have become increasingly authoritarian: Protest quashed, and a foreign policy, which began with the intention of "no conflict" now running into the ground, plus revelations of corruption stymied by banning Twitter. Is Erdogan a victor or villain? We ask Nesin Fehmi Editor in chief of Olay Gazete, the London based on-line Turkish newspaper.

And as journalism moves away from the who, what where creed and is replaced by the tame acceptance of state press releases and backroom government briefings, we are joined by America’s hottest up and coming investigative journalist, Russ Baker. Founder of the latest go-to site, which reveals everything you need to know and otherwise won't be told about America and the world, he comes into the studio to tell us of some of the stories he has broken, or about to break which will make your hair stand on end.

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