Episode 018

The new Pope Francis has emerged as the leading critic of contemporary capitalism in the world, even going to Davos to lash the selfishness and greed of the world’s ruling elite. As he crosses the first anniversary of his papacy we’re discussing the superstar Pope with Catholic thinker and activist Dr Declan Hayes.

Trade union bells were muffled this week upon the death at just 52 of one of Britain’s great working class leaders. Bob Crow, the leader of Britain’s railway workers, merchant seamen and other transport staff was Britain’s most successful union leader. His members loved him and their bosses hated him. Media hostility was unremitting, proving he constituted a clear and present danger to the way things are and a powerful advocate of how things could be. Sputnik discusses Bob Crow’s life with another powerful union leader with many of the same attributes: Billy Hayes, leader of the Union of Communication Workers.

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