​Episode 004

This week’s Sputnik takes a look at institutionalized racism and the “Plebgate” affair. Do the police have one rule for one and one rule for another? Sputnik investigates.

In part 1, Lee Jasper, former police commissioner when Ken Livingston's was Mayor of London, and a veteran campaigner against racism, talks about his latest initiative which takes a look at English policing, the judicial system and the black community.

In part 2, Steve Norris, former vice chairman of the Conservative Party, former minister in John Major's government and who twice ran for Mayor of London for the Conservative Party, joins Sputnik to pass his judgment on “Plebgate” and policing in the UK.

And, the host Gayatri Pertiwi widens the racism debate even further by taking a look at the Dutch tradition of 'Sinterklaas & Black Pete' which will be celebrated this week and was a hot debate in the Netherlands when the UN suggested it was a racist festivity.