Episode 020

Nigeria's president Goodluck Jonathan hasn't enjoyed much in the way of good luck. Under his presidency millions of people in northern Nigeria have been displaced, Boko Haram, an Al-Qaeda type insurgency group are terrorizing the country and the state of emergency, imposed almost year ago, doesn’t seem to be working. Joining Sputnik to discuss a subject largely ignored by the Western media is Chidi Obihara.

And in part two, Max Keiser, eponymous host of the Keiser Report, boards Sputnik. He’s been called the most dangerous man in financial media and America’s most outrageous political pundit but he’s also a whole lot more. Literally bursting with ideas about the way things are and about the way things could be, he comes into the Sputnik studio to share his unique perspective and to talk about his latest projects.

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