Episode 023

For three long years Christians in the Holy Land of Syria have been terrorized by Western backed Al-Qaeda "revolutionaries." The Christian Church however has now begun a peaceful fight-back: kidnapped nuns have been freed by strenuous diplomatic efforts and pilgrimages to Syria are highlighting the plight of the Syrian people. Two of those pilgrims, Father Dave Smith and John Shipton, CEO of the Wikileaks Party, join Sputnik this week to give a moving account of their journey.

And, in part two, we look at what's going on outside Kiev. The unelected government which forced the legitimate government from power by street violence is being rejected by substantial parts of the country. However, the coup leaders seem to think the Ukraine can be stabilized by continuing the slaughter, placing them, if it happens, on a collision course with Russia. John Wight a regular RT contributor, joins Sputnik to give his analysis of the situation.

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