Episode 238

Pakistan has a new captain. Former cricketer Imran Khan has hit the rest for six and won a significant governing position in one of the world's most populous countries. The Western media can't make up its mind whether Imran Khan is a nightclub playboy and philanderer or a Taliban asset, troublingly close to Islamist extremism. The main opposition leader, former premier Nawaz Sharif, languishes in jail, albeit in an air-conditioned cell. Whilst Bilawal Bhutto Zardari of the People’s Pakistani Party and the son of the late Benazir Bhutto trails far behind the rest. Joining us now to discuss the unfolding story is Dr. Kiran Hassan, commentator on Pakistan politics and formerly of the School of Oriental and African Studies.

It’s not every day a chance comes up to interview a champion of the world but we were happy to go a few rounds with former lightweight boxing champion Anthony Crolla. He came into the studio to talk about the psychology of boxing; what happens when you go into the ring to fight a friend and a freak accident which could have ended his career.

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