Episode 218

He’s interviewed every British prime minister from Edward Heath onwards, eight in total, and he’s broiled in Belfast with the giants of Irish politics. He’s even Ed Sheeran’s cousin! From the flag-ship current affairs programme World in Action, to hosting the Krypton Factor for 18 years (attracting, at its peak, 18 MILLION viewers), Gordon Burns is TV Royalty, so we welcomed him aboard Sputnik to tell us about a life and times and a broadcasting career spanning 40 years.

Prince Charming is in town; Prince Mohammed bin Salman that is. A $1 million advertising blitz has been spent “sexing-up” his visit to London where he’ll dine with the Queen and do his best to suborn British interests. Gone is talk of dictatorship, of Islamist extremism, of naked military aggression against neighboring states, of sponsoring terrorism and fanaticism around the world. It seems Britain is setting the Gold Standard for hypocrisy. So we invited British academic Sami Ramadani into the Sputnik studio, to discuss this blatant display of double standards.

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