Episode 199

“Lou Lou, skip to my Lou, skip to my Lou Macari.” It’s a football chant that has rung out across terraces from Glasgow to Manchester; Wembley Stadium to Hampden Park. Lou Macari is not only every Celtic supporter’s hero, he’s also worshipped by Man United and Scottish fans alike. Now, he’s quietly gaining more admirers for his work with homeless people in the city of Stoke. So, we were delighted and honoured when he accepted our invitation to come aboard Sputnik to tell us more.

And in black history week, black present isn't a million miles away from the black past in countries like Britain. Slavery is no more (well, not quite) but its scars have yet to heal. Black people in Britain are at the bottom of every list you'd want to be at the top of, and at the top of every list you'd want to be at the bottom of. Kunle Olulode is an outstanding advocate for black people, a contributor to Black History Month, a campaigner for Brexit, and – even more surprisingly – he's spent decades travelling back and forth from Catalonia! We could record three shows out of that. But instead, we invited him into the Sputnik studio and packed in the lot.

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