Episode 195

Uber is being run out of town. London town at least, after its license was revoked by the mayor. It just may be the beginning of the end for the taxi firm which isn't a taxi firm, the big employer which has no employees and a firm once so favored by Downing Street that its sofas became almost interchangeable. It’s a bold move by Sadiq Khan. Uber has said it will appeal to the Tory secretary of state, but has already started making the very concessions it said it couldn't make before it lost its licence. So, to discuss the Uber Wars, we invited Lewis Norton, branch secretary of the taxi-drivers’ union RMT, onto the Sputnik sofa.

Seven and a half million people in Catalonia, the richest part of Spain, are due to vote in an unofficial referendum on independence and thus the breakup of modern Spain. Madrid has responded with force; arresting officials, putting high-ranking Catalan leaders in handcuffs, as well as trying whatever it can to stop the democratic vote. To take stock of the situation, we invited into the Sputnik studio Seila Becerra, secretary of the Catalan National Assembly, which is leading the fight for independence.

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