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Episode 194

Britain’s Police have their work cut out dealing with terrorist incidents, real or – sometimes – not real. Just this week a London mainline station was evacuated over a suspicious package which turned out to be harmless; the M1 motorway was closed in both directions for hours by a yellow bubbly liquid which turned out to be nothing to do with terrorism either. But now and again (and again and again) the suspected terrorism is all too real. Sometimes it has simply devastating results, other times it merely could have. David Videcette knows all about this. In former times he was a senior Metropolitan Police Officer and leader of the investigation into 7/7. He's now a security consultant specialising in terrorism issues, so who better to help us to understand how we deal with this kind of threat?

Two of the most successful exports ever from this small island are our language, and the game of football - which can be played in any language. And it’s the simplicity which is the secret of the game's success as THE universal game. You can play it in your living room, your garden, your street, your park and – if you're lucky – on a lush green football pitch. You can even play it in a war zone... Kevin Campbell was a star footballer, for Arsenal and Everton amongst many others. Unlike more stereotypical players, he hasn't retired to run a public house. Instead, together with his brother Thomas he takes the game to some of the trickiest places on earth. The Campbell brothers are bringing their love of football to the killing fields of Iraq, so we invited the brothers into the Sputnik studio to tell us more about their post-game endeavours.

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