Episode 187

Morocco has a big population, an industrial proletariat, closer proximity to Europe than most Arab countries and strong political movements and parties including Islamist forces. It also has something else; although referred to as an Arab country, many Moroccans are not actually Arabs at all but Berbers who have their own distinct culture, traditions and language. The rift between the two groups is an ever-widening chasm, so to discuss this as well as the growing uncertainty in Morocco as a whole, we invited Marwa Belghazi of the "Hirak" Solidarity Campaign into the Sputnik studio.

And, nowadays footballers have “loadsamoney”! Top players can earn thousands of pounds per WEEK and for some, like Neymar, who is about to transfer for an eye-watering £198 million (US$263 million), it’s a whole lot more. It’s hard to believe that not so long ago players had a salary cap of £20 a week and were bonded laborers actually owned by their club. All that has changed - some think too much so - and the credit or blame lies with the new breed of football agents. Barry Silkman was a top footballer himself playing for a plethora of clubs from the now wealthiest, Arab-owned Manchester City, to the Israeli League where he played for Maccabi Tel Aviv. He's been an agent for more than 20 years - and a very successful one too. So at no cost at all he came into the Sputnik studio to share his secrets.

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