Episode 184

The political situation on both sides of the Atlantic is in total chaos: Donald Trump is still the president of the United States (for the time being anyway) and on this side of the pond, the UK government is hanging by the tassels of an orange sash, with state policy appearing to march to the sound of the Democratic Unionist Party band. Mark Seddon has had a vantage point from both sides of the Atlantic; from editor of the Tribune to speech writer for Ban Ki-moon, so we invited him aboard Sputnik to get his very unique perspective.

And what happens next in Mosul? Liberated from a Khmer Rouge style of hell, it has been at the year zero or less under ISIS. While in Raqqa, the Syrian capital of the evil empire, US forces are reportedly in the streets. The problem is that neither liberating army is entirely welcome by the people of Mosul or Raqqa. With attention now turning to life after ISIS, we invited Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos into the Sputnik studio to explore the current terrain.

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