Episode 179

Morocco has long prided itself on being one of the most stable countries in North Africa - a place where the so-called Arab Spring didn’t turn into an Arab winter. But a cold front seems to be sweeping in as tensions rise and anti-government protests spread. Will government concessions be enough to quell the discontent, or is Morocco heading for a genuine people’s revolution? We invited Dr. Riaz Karim, director of Veritas Centre for Strategic Studies, to help us find out.

And in a world where just eight people own half of all the wealth, we take a look at how an invisible elite business community operates an intricate web of control. Is it a ‘free market’ accident or, as former Financial Times journalist turned rogue reporter Matt Kennard purports, all by design. He came into the Sputnik studio to tell us about the shady world of racketeers uncovered in his book, ‘The Racket’.

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