Episode 155

After Brexit, Trump, and then the crushing of Sarkozy, there was an inevitability about the news which emerged from Rome last weekend. The landslide defeat of PM Renzi’s proposal to concentrate even more power into the hands of the establishment is a new body blow to the elite. Sure, lots of right-wing people celebrated his defeat; but so did the left. To help us understand what it was all about and to find out what happens next, we asked Dr. Leila Talani, lecturer in European Politics at King’s College, to hop aboard Sputnik and guide us through the new battle lines being redrawn in Europe and North America.

And this week, the peerless Nomi Prins toured the horizon of the ongoing crimes against the people being perpetrated by the big banks and those financial “journalists” who feed off them. She knows what she’s talking about, having worked near the top in four of the pillars of financial power, two of which went bust – though if they’d listened to her they’d still be around. “Whatever you read most; read less of it” – that way, by seeking out other sources of information you will find the truth, she says. So we invited finance capital’s one and only rock star into the studio to seek more information and hopefully get to the truth.

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