Episode 154

He stood as a colossus in the Caribbean and like the tallest of trees, he was viewed from many vantage points. Latin America, Africa, Asia, throughout the Global South, and from Europe itself. But the tallest trees catch the strongest winds, of course, and Fidel Castro who died last weekend at the age of 90 was weather-beaten but never bowed. He endured almost 60 years of economic siege, subversion, terrorism, even invasion. He was a threat to the United States, but not in the way they pretended. He was the threat of a good example, proof positive that a better world is possible. To discuss the legacy of the late Fidel Castro, we asked the Director of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign Rob Miller to join us in the Sputnik studio.

And Fascism was never so strong in Britain as in the 1930s. Sir Oswald Mosley, a Labour aristocratic swordsman, broke from the party and formed a new one which morphed into the fully-fledged British Union of Fascists. The BUF’s original hero and financial patron was Mussolini, with a bit of help from Lord Rothermere, whose family still owns the Daily Mail and then owned the Daily Mirror too! In time, their hero became Adolf Hitler himself. Our old friend Francis Beckett, a man of the left, has long had to live with the fact that his father was one of Mosley’s top lieutenants and one of Britain's leading fascists. He joins Sputnik this week to discuss his latest book “Fascist in the Family.”

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