Episode 143

The pen is mightier than the sword, and the cartoonist's pen can be the sharpest of them all. A new generation of savage pen-men (and they are almost all men) is emerging, and one of the sharpest of those is Darren Cullen – a political satirical artist whose work is featured in the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum and at the brief-but-glorious ‘family’ theme park that was anything but suitable for children, Banksy's Dismaland. He came into the studio to draw a picture of the current political situation.

Harold Macmillan, British PM in the 1950s, famously returned from the African continent declaring that the “winds of change” were beginning to blow. European empires were on the retreat and a generation of mainly progressive, non-aligned leaders and states was emerging. But one by one the progressive leaders were removed by murder, death or disgrace. Just about the last of the revolutionary generation is clinging on in South Africa and Zimbabwe, but clinging on is the best you can say. Are these changes for the better or for the worse? Helping us through that is Dr Alastair Fraser, lecturer in International Politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies.

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