Episode 140

In the 1980s, the British government destroyed the miners union despite the industry still having a thousand years worth of coal under its feet. This left numerous mining communities on the post-industrial scrap heap. Although foreign-owned nuclear power plants were briefly touted as an alternative, 30 years later, the same British government is stealing pension funds belonging to miners. We invited Peter Stefanovic, a rising star in British politics, who is using his advocacy’s skills to speak up for the miners and Leslie Moore, who is a retired miner whose pension has disappeared.

And as the summer Olympic Games leaves Rio for Tokyo, the people of Brazil are worse off and a new government is being formed. In Argentina, a similar coup is being carried out against the former president and her political allies.

Meanwhile in Venezuela, all out civil war remains a possibility as US-backed opposition forces close in for the kill on President Maduro. Joining Sputnik this week to discuss the issue is Dr Juan Grigera of the University College London.

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