Episode 134

Is Theresa May the new Iron Lady or is she rather tinnier? Is she the new Mrs Merkel or more the comedian Mrs Merton? Is she left, right, centre? Is she Brexit or will she wreck it? Whatever she is, she now runs the UK and all on the strength of 199 votes. Dr Peter Catterall is an eminent British political historian and key contributor to the Hansard Society and the Centre for Opposition Studies think tanks. He joins Sputnik this week to help us understand.

And, It was a 1960s-style coup: grab the airport, TV station, and put your tanks on the bridge over the Bosphorus. Except this is 2016, the age of FaceTime and Twitter. The motley crew of would-be juntas in Turkey underestimated the man they were seeking to overthrow. It was no contest: by breakfast it was all over and the plotters may now discover the ancient truth "he who half makes a revolution digs his own grave.” We invited the intrepid news correspondent Liz Cookman in Ankara to give us her view from the ground.

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