Episode 133

Theresa May, the new Prime Minister (Home Secretary until this week) acknowledged on the steps of Downing Street that if you’re black you’re treated more harshly by the justice system. Although, it’s strange then, that she never did anything about it during her tenure as the longest serving Home Secretary ever. The irony is not lost on our guest this week, Ava Vidal, a regular on Mock the Week, who is fighting injustice using comedy as her weapon.

And, the attempted crucifixion of Jeremy Corbyn, which went off half-cocked this week, has been one of the most unedifying spectacles in Labour’s 116 year history. The overwhelming mandate of the British opposition leader has been systematically subverted by full-scale collaboration of most of his own MPs. So we invited up and coming young Labour man Matthew Turner, a writer on the Independent and editor at Evolve Politics, onto the Sputnik sofa.

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