Episode 130 Referendum special

What a difference a day makes… in just 24 hours Britain voted to leave the EU, the prime minister announced his departure from 10 Downing Street, the Scottish government declared it wanted out of Britain and Ireland's largest party said now is the time for Northern Ireland to exit the UK. It's panic stations amongst the ruling elites.

In this special edition of Sputnik we look at how the battle lines now stand from two very different political perspectives: Selina Scott, doyen of British broadcasting, has been wooed by Tory grandees with offers of safe seats and insulted by Donald Trump resulting in an ongoing 14 year feud. While Alex Gordon, former president of the RMT Union, at the other end of the political spectrum believes trade unions have lost confidence in their ability to defend members’ rights and an exit from the EU can bring back control. Either way, both our guests agree the Brexit vote was in part a rejection by the working class of the prevailing neoliberal orthodoxy, and they came into the studio to explain why.

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