Episode 106

“They labored mightily and brought forth a mouse” as Horace himself might have put it about the much-anticipated re-shuffle of the four-month-old shadow Cabinet. It was much needed, not least because the first one spent much time undermining and even plotting against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Joining Sputnik this week to discuss the current state of play is former Tony Blair aide and a man with his finger on the pulse of the inner-party struggle, John McTernan.

And, are we on the brink of a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Is it time for us to sit up and take notice? Sami Ramadani of London Metropolitan University is an Iraqi born political activist and expert on the region. We invited him aboard Sputnik to discuss the proxy wars being fought between these two regional giants and the age-old struggle for, if not the soul, then at least the direction of the Muslim world.

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