Episode 089

The question of race and policing is seldom far from the headlines in Britain, and particularly so in London.
Deaths in custody, deaths before custody, stop and search powers... It is not that we are Ferguson, Missouri, but are we on the same road?

So we invited Britain's most prominent black leader, Lee Jasper, to find out.

And this week the prime minister announced that he had ordered the extrajudicial killing of two Syrian based British jihadists. It was the first ever such act, but the PM assured us it was perfectly legal, even if he couldn't show us how. Accompanying his announcement of the return of the death penalty without charge or trial, Mr Cameron said we'd have to join the Syrian war against both the regime and the ISIS rebels. He promised "hard military force," though whether this was our own or someone else's remains unclear. So we asked Chris Nineham from the Stop the War Coalition into the Sputnik studio in order to bring some clarity.

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