Episode 085

It's not often that Britain's farmers make the headlines, but when the price of milk became cheaper than the price of water, something was bound to give. Britain's farming community – hitherto stoic and undemonstrative - has started acting like... the French.

They cleared the shelves of supermarkets and started to give milk away in car parks. Joining us this week is Britain's top woman farmer and deputy leader of the National Farmers Union, Minette Batters.

And in Part Two: He's back! Tony Blair is plastered over the whole of the British media, warning Labour that it faces annihilation if it doesn't take his advice on who its next leader should be. But perhaps he should be more concerned about the families of the British soldiers killed in Iraq who are threatening to take legal action against Sir John Chilcot who led the inquiry into the Iraq war. They’ve given Chilcot a two-week deadline to name the date for his inquiry report or legal action will follow. It's all coming to a head for Tony Blair. Political analyst James Randolph, from “The Blair Documentary,” joins Sputnik this week to pull all these threads together.

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