Episode 070

For as long as the Palestinian struggle has existed, another gift to the world from collapsing British colonialism has blighted the subcontinent in Kashmir. As two nuclear powers, India and Pakistan, confront each other across a line of control both with fingers firmly on the button, the injury suffered by the people of occupied Kashmir is ignored and nobody much cares. One who does is writer and broadcaster Victoria Schofield who joins Sputnik this week.

Many thousands of people had their telephone routinely hacked by the grubby practitioners of the low press. But industrial scale law breaking by first Mr Murdoch's operation, and then by the Mirror group, has told us much about the collapsing credibility of British institutions. However, in one of the most expensive trials in British history, only minions were convicted in the case against the Murdoch empire. Joining Sputnik this week is the author of Beyond Contempt, Peter Jukes, who tells us who did what to whom and how they mostly got away with it.

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