Episode 069

A week today a big demonstration in London will take place; Stand up against Racism and Fascism; no to scapegoating immigrants, no to Islamophobia, no to anti-Semitism. A co-organizer of the event is Unite against Fascism, a broad-based campaign which in these dark days has kept the flame of such ideals alive. The march will take place against a backdrop of mass unemployment amongst ethnic minority youth in Britain, a deluge of scaremongering in the gutter media and a Dutch Auction amongst political parties as to who can be meanest and most menacing toward minority communities. As election fever mounts, a stalwart of anti-fascism in Britain, Sabby Dhalu, joins Sputnik to discuss the rising fears of the beleaguered minorities.

Feckless fathers abound in Britain, men who walk out on their children again and again. But millions of fathers are desperate to be closely involved in their children's lives and are precluded by the Family Courts system from doing so. Not that you'd know it if you followed only the so-called mainstream media, still less if you were stuck inside the Westminster bubble. Politicians run scared of the idea that a child is entitled to both parents in their lives and remain prisoner to the notion that "mother is always right." It is a Gordian knot which needs to be unraveled, so we invited Matt O'Connor, the public face of one of the biggest civil rights campaigns in Britain, Fathers for Justice, to help us.

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