Episode 047

The role of intelligence agencies is a vexed one in any democracy. We do need secrets and spies – the problem is when we get secrets, spies and lies. Annie Machon used to be a spy but she now campaigns for greater transparency. She can't tell us everything she knows, but she comes in peace on board Sputnik to give us an insight into the inner workings of the UK security services.

And in Part 2, we celebrate the life of Che Guevara on the 47th anniversary of his murder. He was not Cuban, but he risked his life in the cause of their liberation. He was not African but he fought alongside Africans in the Congo. He was not Asian but fought US imperialism in Vietnam. And in Bolivia, he gave the last of his life's blood, making revolution against fascism. Cuba Solidarity Campaign organiser Rob Miller joins Sputnik to discuss the most inspiring man of the century.

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