Episode 045

There is no doubt that ISIS must be destroyed, but as recent history shows, military action by the West has a habit of deepening crises in the Middle East instead of ending them. In the wake of the latest bombing campaign, with yet another coalition of the willing, we discuss the seemingly never-ending crisis in the region with Sputnik’s old friend, top author and journalist Seumas Milne.

And, if you thought an election with an 85 percent turnout, where 55 percent voted to remain with the United Kingdom and 45 percent voted to leave, was the end of the Scottish independence question, you’d be wrong. With the resurgence in SNP membership and the formation of the self-proclaimed “45 movement,” it is clear politics in Scotland won’t be returning to normal anytime soon. Joining Sputnik this week as we wade into the morass is Scottish political commentator and writer John Wight.

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