Episode 042

The world has rightly recoiled in horror at the extreme pornography of violence in Iraq. The videoed beheadings of now two American journalists by the self-appointed caliphate of ISIS has attracted world attention to their savagery.

The prevailing ideology of Saudi Arabia shares points of contact with that of the neighboring caliphate. And one of those is the public televised, severing of people’s heads. Amnesty International has been trying hard to attract media and public attention to these beheadings with so far limited results. That’s why this week we welcome on board the Sputnik Sevag Kechichian to help right this wrong.

And in part two we consider Bob Dylan who righted a few wrongs himself. Possibly the greatest writer since William Shakespeare, he wrote some of the best songs of our era, which still resonate today. Our guest Ryan Al-Hakim is the new generation of Dylanologists and he's here to discuss the original vagabond and Ian Bell's biography of the star, which has just been released in paperback

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