Episode 039

London has only ever had two mayors, and this week we’re joined by one talking about the other. With the news that Boris Johnson is to stand as an MP at the next general election, we’re joined by Ken Livingstone to discuss what this means for British politics. Johnson reneged on a promise that he would never be a part-time mayor, but what impact will his decision have on the Conservative Party? And might he make an unlikely future prime minister?

In the second half, we revisit the current morass in Iraq. All the experts who painted a rosy picture of the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq are now being wheeled out again… and with their military boots on! Yes, we’re back on the march to war in Iraq. Will things be different this time? We’re joined by Sabah Jawad of Iraqi Democrats Abroad, a victim of Saddam but nevertheless an opponent of the Bush and Blair war.