Episode 037

The Middle East is in flames once again and both our guests this week will be joining Sputnik to discuss the present conflagration.

The world has been transfixed by the tsunami of violence unleashed over the last few weeks in the Gaza Strip where almost two million people are trapped in one of the most densely populated places in the world; under siege and now under invasion.

Little noticed in the blizzard of shot and shell has been the equally disastrous collapse of Libya. Helping us make sense of it all is leading journalist Hafsa Kara Mustapha who has reported and analysed for most of the world's top outfits in recent years.

In part two, we're joined by Rori Donaghy, a renowned journalist specializing in Middle East issues. We'll be discussing the concept of human rights, what it means in the Middle East, and the approach that different Western governments and media take to case studies like Syria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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