Episode 036

The whole world watched as the football World Cup returned to its spiritual home in Brazil last month. Alas, there was no fairytale ending for the hosts, whose heavy semi-final defeat at the hands of Germany sent shock waves through this football-mad country. What will be the legacy of the tournament on this rapidly emerging economic giant? And how will it affect Brazil having to gear up for the other 'greatest show on earth': the Rio Olympics in 2016? London-based Brazilian journalist Marcio Delgado joins us to talk about his home country.

In part two, we will be looking at the tragic story of flight MH17, which crashed in Ukraine last week. The whole world has decided that Russia is to blame and that 'the West' must act tough. But why have they arrived at this conclusion so quickly and with so little evidence? Is there something hidden deeper behind this story? Regional analyst and journalist Neil Clark joins us to look deeper into the case of MH17.

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