​Episode 031

Saddam Hussein's pictures are up again, his songs broadcast and his home city of Takrit now under the control of the rebels. The remnants of Saddam's army is fighting alongside ISIS and many of the tribes in the west of Iraq - close to the Syrian border - are on the march too. Some like our guest last week say that it is misleading to characterise this insurgency as a sectarian one. But either the other components have taken a vow of public relations silence or they are very definitely not running the show. Respected London-based Iraqi academic Sami Ramadani comes into the Sputnik studio to discuss what happens next.

Britain has been at war with Muslim countries for more than a decade and inevitably something like a state of war has run parallel against the Muslims at home. Muslims have been murdered because of their dress, attacked on their way home from the Mosque, been banned, extradited, falsely accused and above all insulted by the powerful and their press on a daily basis. So it's not surprising Britain's 2 million Muslims are feeling distinctly beleagured right now. In part two, we discuss with professor of English and post-colonial studies, Peter Morey how the last decade or so has fundamentally skewed the British narrative about Islam and Muslims in western society.

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